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Harmony FD
Manage your entire store with the convenience of Harmony FD


Feature & Benefits

  • Easy to use with touch screen function
  • Stability & durability with MS-SQL DBMS
  • Korean character support
  • System security level
  • Variety of options
  • Multi station support
  • Continuous upgrade & update
  • Built-in secured BCSPPM
  • Built-in BCS-Gift

Back Office

Use Back office to understand exactly what you need to do to successfully run and grow your business. Back Office has a complete overview of your business information such as Menu, Modifier, Employee and Report. Business owners can simplify and control their business with easy-to-use software.

Menu Management

Menu item that the user can easily manage a variety of ways. Choose menu item background, font color, background color and so on. Customize your Menu item to fit your needs, Harmony supports category and group.

Layout Designer

Customize your pos system like your store. You can find the exact location of the guests, use Harmony more efficent. And You can check the report by the area which you made. Understand your business better than ever.


Manage your entire business or just check your performance from Harmony FD BackOffice. Discover your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth using Reports. Cross-reference and filter by categories, employees, time-of-day, catalog, etc. Keep track of sales, payment type, comps and voids, and more! Access your reports and to get real insight on your store specific trends and profit centers. You will know at a glance how profitable your store is.

  • Daily Report
  • Sales by menu category
  • Sales by order type
  • Sales by employee
  • Sales by time
  • Sales by area
  • Sales by day-part
  • Sales summary

  • Menu item mix
  • Comp summary
  • Promo summary
  • Void summary
  • Refund summary
  • Payment summary
  • Time card list
  • Card sales list

Front Station

Take the pain out of POS. Harmony FD is a beautifully designed, responsive point–of–sale system that makes it fast & easy to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store.

Time Card

Easily keep track of employee hours for improved shift management when they clock in and out on the Harmony POS and payroll when you need to add everything up.

Convenient features

We provide functions to check table status easily. Especially, Clearing Table function express more detail status. You can apply to change of moving table or server.

Get the Order Right Every Time

With item modifiers, you can adapt any menu item to fit your customers wants. Add or remove side orders, toppings, and more with the tap of a finger. Use modifier reporting to learn popular customer choices.

Who needs an instruction manual?

It’s like riding a bike, only easier. We deliver to customers of all sizes our integrated, completely configurable enterprise applications that are easy to learn and use.

Make changes to your menu and prices in seconds

Easily add or hide menu items, add quantities to specialty items to update your Fresh Sheet, make price adjustments, or change drinks and appetizers to a happy hour menu in a few fast touches-No need to depend on technical support!

Web Solution

Reports Anywhere and Anytime

Manage your entire business or just check your performance from your desktop at home, wherever you are.
Get a wide-angle view of your business where trends, patterns, and issues are easy to spot and understand.

Track your sales throughout the day.

Discover your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth using Sales Reports. Cross-reference and filter by Menu Category, Time, Date, OrderType, etc. Keep track of sales, payment type, comps and voids, and more!

What’s selling. What’s not.
What you can do about it.

Explore your sales trends down to the last detail. Review sales of individual items to find out your category, Area, DayPart, etc.


Powerful tools to manage your business
All the features you need for modern retail!

New BOP-9900 Series

New BOP-9900 Series, designed to be simple and stylish, is equipped with a two-way interactive 15" true-touch panel. Powerful I/O ports for auxiliary devices. High specification, high quality, and high performance. Outstanding durability and reliability.

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BOP-660 FC

BOP-660FC series is a sleek, powerful POS terminal designed with a slim and stylish 15" true flat touch panel. High quality for a low price. IP66 dustproof & waterproof front panel. Compact and user friendly design.

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